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PlasRod is a plastic repair filler that bonds onto wood, metal & selected plastic surfaces. It is a very fast & clean method to fill up damaged spots or it can be used as a temporary joint mechanism.


Easily applied on-site or in workshops , it is heat activated and cures within seconds after application, leaving behind a non-stick, hard, heat-water-moisture-chemical resistant plastic filler.


It comes in the form of a 4mm diameter rod strip and is easily applied with a plastic welding gun and leveled with a metal scrapper. For light repairs, a hot air gun can be used in replacement. Fine finishing can be done with a fine sander.


Main Features :-

· Cures in seconds & Clean repair process

· Bonds onto wood, metal and selected plastic surfaces

· Environmentally friendly with no odors or any chemical emissions.

· Heat & Moisture Resistant, very good chemical & solvent resistance

· Can be re-worked over easily using heat

· Different colors available in rolls of 250, 500 & 1000m  

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