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Built on the success of TuffPly, PlasPly offers an economical solution to a plastic faced composite board.


Designed primarily for the harsh demands of concrete shuttering boards, PlasPly comes with a non-stick proprietary thermoplastic plastic sheet, WBP bonded onto a plywood hardwood core, edge fused with a solid plastic edging that provides a unique combination of wood & plastic product.  

The plastic edging grips and protects the ply layers while creating a tight seal which  prevents moisture and water from entering   into the plywood core....no swelling, no ply  delaminating, no chipping.....greatly enhancing the lifespan of the board.


     Swelling does not occur along edging.

*after 12hours 65oC water immersion

Stripping between panels will be much easier now as the 'rubbing' occurs between two smooth plastic surfaces.

The thick UV-stabilized and non-stick plastic face brings about a competitive alternative to TuffPly and is suited for many applications.

The surface is repairable by using conventional plastic welding tools and in the event of protruded surface due to damage or repeated uses, it can be leveled flat by screwing or nailing plastic face back down into core due to presence of stiff & elastic plastic.

Watch the Surface Repair Video

The plastic facing comes with colors of your choice and other suitable applications include partition boards, playground panels, rebound boards, internal partitions, marine panels, truck flooring panels, horse stables, caravan panels etc. 

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