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An economical alternative to TuffDeck, PlasDeck composite board comes with a proprietary plastic layer on wood core, edge fused with solid plastic edging, to deliver a high performance yet cost effective decking / partition product in many applications.

Compared to all-wood products, PlasDeck scores higher in terms of durability and maintenance.

The plastic edging grips and protects the ply layers while creating a tight seal which  prevents moisture and water from entering   into the plywood core....no swelling, no ply  delaminating, no chipping.....greatly enhancing the lifespan of the board.

        Swelling does not occur along edging.

*after 24hours 65oC water immersion

When used for partitions, the board comes with a textured design which can pass off as the final finishing for end products thus reducing the need for additional finishing works. The non-stick plastic surface allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

As decking & flooring products, the textured surface design provides a natural anti-slip effect, proving a grip while walking on. Maintenance is a breeze by using high pressure water jets to clean up the non-stick surface.

Surface color and textured design can be customized to customer requests.

Ideal for decking, flooring & partition uses.

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