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Composite Boards & Applications

The term ‘composite’ generally means a combination of dissimilar materials. Plastic composite boards would refer to boards primarily made of plastic with dissimilar materials, forming an end product to satisfy certain particular use.

Uber’s patent pending plastic composite boards are based on a multiple layered design, with reinforcements to achieve a high strength to weight ratio at a very competitive cost of ownership.

Solid plastics either weigh much more or will lack the strength on a weight ratio basis as compared to our composite boards.

The density of our composite boards typically ranges from 450kg/m3 to 980 kg/m3, to provide a lightweight product and a bi-directional bending modulus strengths varying from 3000Mpa to 15000Mpa.

The combination of a plastic-composite mix provides the following key benefits:-

  1. Does not rot, rust or degrade under weather conditions
  2. A high weight to strength ratio where strength can be adjusted accordingly to the application
  3. An extremely long-lasting outdoor lifespan of more than 5 years due to the inherent plastic and composite properties
  4. Extremely cost competitive on a strength VS weight VS lifespan use basis
  5. Easy & simple to handle, form and work with due to its hard yet flexible nature
  6. Low thermal and electric conductivity
  7. Provides good heat & cold insulation
  8. Board strengths are equal in bi-directional use, unlike single directional fiber reinforced boards
  9. A hard, abrasive resistant and repairable plastic surface
  10. Adaptable to wide temperature changes from -30 degrees to +80 degrees.

The use of composite boards can be mainly thought of as a material replacement to wood and steel plates or newly thought applications where the above benefits can be fully exploited.

Possible applications across various industries includes:-

  1. Truck panels
  2. Floor boards
  3. Ceiling boards
  4. Building cladding
  5. Concrete shuttering boards
  6. Interior partition walls / Toilet Partitions
  7. Temporary exterior partition walls
  8. Deckings
  9. Planks
  10. Joists/Runners
  11. Racks

To further serve your needs, we invite you to let us know your requirements for us to develop a suitable and cost effective solution for your application.

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Concrete Shuttering Boards

Scaffold / Walking Planks

Decking Platforms 

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Farm Barriers  

Trailer/Truck Panels