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Scaffold / Walking Planks

Used as a standalone, TuffPlank is an all plastic, all-weather, durable and light alternative to timber / LVL scaffold plank.

It is mechanically consistent and predictable and does not warp or deform under outdoor and varying temperatures.

An anti-skid surface prevent slippage and it is extremely easy to clean and maintain with the use of a pressure water jet.

Designed for scaffold load rating class of 240 & 360kg/m2 (50 & 75PSF), TuffPlank is sufficiently stiff yet light.

Weight approx 550 to 650kg/m2, it does not crack or rupture suddenly, thus providing for a safer workplace.

Can be easily repaired.

For framed platforms, TuffDeck & PlasDeck will be an ideal replacement against plywood or metal surfaces with its stiff, lightweight & easy to maintain features.

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