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Uber designs, develops and manufactures plastic composite boards that replaces conventional materials through value-added product innovation.
An all plastic metal reinforced engineered plastic composite board which weighs as little as 2/3 of but up to 10 times stiffer than general plastics and 2 times stiffer than plywood.

The light board and does not crack or rot or absorb moisture while maintaining dimensional stability to cover a wide range of application uses.


  A composite board with plywood overlaid with a proprietary repairable but non-stick plastic facing, edge fused with a solid plastic edging.

Ideal for formwork shuttering boards, PlasPly can be also used for internal/external applications that requires a wide sheet board which is stiff, durable and a easy to clean surface.


  PlasDeck composite board comes with a proprietary anti-slip plastic layer on wood core, edge fused with solid plastic edging, to deliver a high performance yet cost effective decking / partition product in many applications.



Download the Surface Repair Video

with PlasRod (plastic filler that bonds to wood, metals & plastic)


Concrete Shuttering Boards

Scaffold / Walking Planks

Decking  Platforms

Racks / Shelving Platforms

Farm Barriers

Trailer/Truck Panels